I believe that things can be done in several ways, in some cases getting similar results. Home improvement it’s not different. What makes a difference lays on the details. Two homes can have the same patio decks, but there is the family that just left it like that and can’t make great use of it because it’s too hot, it’s too windy, it’s too cold...and you have the family that enclosed it with retractable screens and uses the deck whenever they want: anytime time of the day, any season of the year. And what about the family that got overhead racks after they moved and cluttered the garage with stuff, and the family that did it before they moved?

I think the difference made by timing is a big one. "Think before you do" is a formula to higher quality doing.

Another one, the most important as I see it, is the reason why we do things. Is not the same doing the same thing for a different reason. The quality of the reason differs. If you put an epoxy floor in your garage because you work in there and it will brighten the time you spend in there, that’s a good reason: you’ll love it. But what if your neighbor sees it and now wants one only because you have it? Fine with me: I’ll put down the epoxy floor for your neighbor. He’s gonna love it too, but just as he loved all those other million things he bought only because. Soon he will forget the floor, let it there and never sweep it again. Your floor had something that your neighbor’s didn’t: purpose.

Home improvements have to have a good reason to happen, they have to serve a purpose. Only then they make your life easier.

But I am not here to judge you if you are the second kind of person -neither I’m here to determine which kind of person are you. What I can do, is install a organization system than with just a little attention, can do great things for your garage. Or I can put retractable screens in your doors so you can have the cross breeze cool down you home while bringing in the smell of the flowers.. without the stink of the bugs. Or a motorized shade to block the sun that cooks you in summer thru those big panoramic windows if you’d like?

But really, there is only one way to know what I can do for you, so let’s make a deal: you give me a call, and I’ll give you a clever home.