Epoxy Floors

Even though is super under rated, the garage has the potential of being the most versatile room in your home -for many people already is: workshop, studio, distillery, mechanic shop, gym...you name it. So why not to give it some TLC? It's really you the one that gets the treat when improving the space where you spend, maybe, the most enjoyable hours of your day.

We transform garage floors into beautiful artworks that extend the life of your floor and increase the value of your home.
the beauty on the beast.

Is your garage floor always dusty? Concrete floors are notorious dust producers -no wonder why you can't seem to sweep it often enough! Prone to crack and stain because of their porous nature, they are very difficult to keep clean. For most people garage floors are simply invisible until they crack, or stain from an oil leak -then they become highly visible, but not for good.

In any case, if you use your garage daily for whatever good reason, an epoxy floor will beautify it's atmosphere to an extent that will sound untrue if explained. Plus, the products we use are industrial grade and ultra-low VOC: it doesn't get any better than that. Like many of our customers, you may want to move your cars out and host a dancing party in such beautiful floor!

Ugly, dirty, cluttered, unfinished... garages are the beast of american homes: I say time to change that.

Form and function

Epoxy floors have the obvious effect of embellishing your garage and creating a luminous, enjoyable atmosphere where otherwise would be a no very inviting one. But that's not all an epoxy floor does for you. Concrete floors are always expelling dust that ends up on top of whatever is in the garage -save the enormous amount that enter the house. With a now sealed, shiny finished, dust is gone, and when you give it a sweep, it lasts more. Our three-layer epoxy system is extremely chemical and abrasion resistant: acetone, xylene, 10% HCL, ammonia, degreaser, liquid plummer®, vinegar, clorox, windex, motor oil, gasoline, Skydrol, and hot tires have not staining effect on our floors.

But that's not all. Our industrial epoxy floors block moisture than otherwise arises from your garage floor and condensates on the walls and ceiling, creating the perfect atmosphere for mold to thrive. Our coatings does not yellows, are ultra-low VOC and they are approved for use in the toughest AQMD districts in the United States and Canada.

Because of all of these reasons our epoxy floors aren't just pretty, but a functional and smart improvement.

This Is How We Do It

The standard 2-car garage can be epoxied in 1 day thanks to a fine-tuned technique and the use of accelerants. This means you get to walk on your new floor the same day we start it. Everything can be brought inside the garage the next day, while cars have to wait 1-2 more days depending on weather.

We grind each floor with industrial diamond pads to unclog dirt and debris from surface pores and remove stains and imperfections prior to applying the first coat to the now smooth, fresh concrete. After the floor is exposed, we get to crack repair phase. Bigger cracks are reopened with a hand grinder and filled with a high-tech polymer that hardens harder than concrete itself: these cracks do not reopen again, period.

Each floor is then back-rolled at least twice to ensure that the concrete is completely sealed and smooth prior to the application of designer surfaces, and finally a high-gloss topcoat sealant is applied.

The result is always unique: a stunning lifetime warranty floor that is tough as nails and embrightens your garage on your own style.