"Less is more"

The clever home, is not the smart home on purpose. The so fashionable smart home hype is all about electronics, connectivity and too often, unnecessary gadgets. It is not about doing things better, it's about doing things newer; it's about Form. The clever home focus on Function.

Making your home clever means making your life easier without having to make dramatic changes, or spend too much on trying to reach that goal, always asking your self: is this necessary? It could be tricky question though. And that's where we can help. We are all about doing more with less, as Mies van der Rohe forged on his famous aphorism a century ago, the one you can read above this paragraphs.

In fact, our main product is a service: intelligent design & professional installations

This could be adapting a overhead rack to a corner where there is too many ducts and pipes -and no one else would install it, so you can use that funky space to store your Christmas decorations while hiding the pipes salad. Or setting up a system of retractable screens and motorized shades so you can control the temperature in your home without abusing your energy bill, all while keeping the architectural style. Or finding the right configuration of slat-wall to tame your unique set of sport and odd items multiplying in the garage so you can park your car inside again! Oh, you never did? No judgment.

As an Industrial Designer, I am a functionalist and I like doing things right the first time. To achieve that goal, I apply the industrial concept on every design I work on: all of my installations are industrial grade. It does not matter how good the quality of a product is, put it in a bad place, or install it wrong, and it won't serve you... We have a way to install cabinets that maximizes it's functionality: secured to the wall (no legs) to make it possible to store a ladder under and make cleaning easier. Plus we can give it extra height to enhance utility. And don't underestimate the clean, sophisticated look that comes with that.

We do partner with certain vendors to provide you with great quality grade products, but when we do, we translate the retail cost of those to you and profit only on the design and installation services. This means that you can contract our design and installation services to install your existing products. So go ahead and do your own design, or shop for your own products, and then give us a call to have them professionally installed. All of our installations come with a lifetime warranty.

We can put retractable screens in those pretty French doors you just got, and we can power screen the patio deck too. Or get you out of that storage unit while allowing for your car to be garaged, over a fancy, lifetime warranty epoxy floor. A 3-way system of overhead racks (for the big stuff), cabinets (for tools and supplies) and slatwall (to tackle sports equipment, gardening tools, bikes and random items) would get you organized even if you aren't the organized type: an intelligent layout, tells you what to do.

We do it right, fast and clean. We call it Installigence.