Modular Cabinets

How do you tackle the sum of all the various everyday products, tools and supplies necessary to run a ever-changing home?.. What about a modular storage system that can start small, one room at the time, and grow from use and experience to the next room, or just be rearranged to your new needs, while keeping up with the years of use on an industrial style fashion? We’ve done away with the notion that there is no fun in function, and that storage can’t be synonymous with class. Sleek, stylish, and completely customizable, Hercké cabinet systems are the all-around solution fit for anyone—from the artist to the auto mechanic. Our stainless steel cabinets are perfect for tools, sporting gear, garden supplies, and hobby equipment. With the ability to reconfigure, expand, rearrange, and divide your system... the possibilities are endless.

Restore order to your chaotic world: choose the modular excellence of Hercké, and design that room to be your space.

think out of the garage

We are constantly impressed and surprised by the uses our customers find for their Hercké systems. From kids’ playrooms to storing musical instruments to added work surfaces in the kitchen to that dark corner of the basement that no one dares to deal with — chaos defeated, order restored. Use your imagination and use Hercké in a thousand different space-enhancing, space-reclaiming ways.
Art supplies, scrap booking, crafts and your secret masterpiece in one, organized, easy-to-take-up-where-you-left-off place. Whether it’s gardening, sewing, woodworking, jewelry making... we have the components and features to make it your own work space.
Hercké works on the office filing, storing, organizing and managing the chaos too! With unbeatable style and great efficiency. Choose from multiple work surfaces for desktops and mobile workstations.

Your garage it’s the biggest door in the house and it’s time to improve the view. Fully modular design with alternative work surface choices, versatile rollout cart options and all of the sophistication that only stainless steel can feature.

form and function

Hercké design delivers both the functional and the fashionable. Fully modular stainless steel cabinetry for tough and ever changing use, with a modern and subtle look, stackable and re-configurable... it doesn't get any better than that. Varied surfaces and configurations allow creativity in any room. From television stands, end tables and entertainment centers to pantry storage, nightstands and more. Hercké has a brain for organization and a furniture soul.

Adding stainless steel fully modular cabinets easy to re arrange is a smart way to add function to your walls, and a elegant way to add value to your home.

manufacture and warranty

Hercké cabinets are built with 19 gauge stainless steel to make it last a long life. With a limited lifetime warranty and clips to stack them vertically and horizontally, it makes it easy for you to re configure if you ever want to. What we like is the wall-track feature, to be able to secure them to the wall and prescind of legs interfering with cleaning, retrieving and storing things under them.

Combine the best product with the best installation, and you'll never deal with this project again -until you want to.

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