Motorized Screens

Screen any outdoor space with the push of a button, so you can enjoy your sunsets, sunbathe, enjoy a hot tub, or simply read a good book in peace. Especially useful for evening meals when you want to eat dinner... instead of being diner. Use them to take refuge from chilly autumn winds or to keep your deck usable during rain season. Hot summer? Not a problem if you have our Universal MotionScreens to cover those big windows. Add it to your garage to get the most natural light on your workspace while letting the breeze in.

Whether you are looking for privacy, pest or solar protection, our screens glide down and let the unwanted out.

let the breeze in, nothing else

Our motorized screens are custom made so we can set it up on the best layout possible. Equipped with leading industry Somfy motors, and with a wide variety of fabric types to suit every need, it let's you enjoy of the outside without being enjoyed by it. Face mount, in-jamb, recessed and cable system mounts, as well as a manual non-motorized option available in 10 standard colors. Exact color match available to make it disappear on the fachade without disturbing the style.Transform any architectural openings into a desired and functional living space.

Weather is no longer your enemy when you have a motorized screen to filter heat, wind or bugs out.

form and function

Our motorized screens are manufactured to your needs. Enclosed inside a powder-coated aluminum housing that would stretch to 40ft openings, they operate on parallel tracks zippering down the sides of the opening: once the screen is on, the spaces is hermetically filtered thru the mesh, leaving any unwanted bug or creature out.
Customized to fit any opening, they can be surface mounted or recessed, depending on preference or better layout. Available with wind and sun sensors so your home is comfortable and protected from the elements even when you are not there. Control your screens through an app on your smartphone if you'd like -or just add it to your home automation system.

Don’t sacrifice beauty for function, get the motorized screen that fits your needs and breath in the fresh breeze.

Manufacturing & warranty

The key to providing a great motorized retractable screen is to use high-quality materials, and simple, failure-proof design. Universal Screens have made sure to align with some of the best vendors in the industry, including Somfy, Phifer, Twitchell, Recasens, Serge Ferrari, and others in order to provide customers with the best motor and impressive fabric options. In addition to those vendors, they had chosen to stay local with their aluminum extrusion company, powder coaters, machining shop, and packaging partner, which makes the manufacturing process simpler, and the design upgrades quick to approach and execute.

For all of this and combined with professional design and installation, we provide a superior product to the end-user.

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