Overhead Racks

I have seen what we do to our garages, and isn't pretty. Don’t want to throw everything away? Not enough space to get all organized? Look up! Recover your garage’s floor space by putting all your stuff above your head in lifetime warranty racks. With white powder coated steel that holds hundreds of pounds safely and a wide range of configurations, we can create enough storage for you to get all up in a matter of hours. Use our special hooks to get the bikes, stroller, ladder, -you name it- off the ground too. Tackle your clutter and tame it with a industrial storage system that won't let you down.

We can get you out of that storage unit and create enough space for you to get organized and park inside your garage -again!
What are you waiting for?

we will rack you

With customizable height, three set depths many different sizes, the number of possible combinations of our overhead racks is only limited by your imagination. A primary question for you to address is the configuration that will provide you with the most functionality, which depends on overall garage size, height, and the kind of stuff you are trying to store. If that seems like too much, our professionals can help you determine your best storage options: above your garage door, over the cars, all around the perimeter of your garage... in just a couple of hours we can add enough room to put everything up -not kidding.

Keeping your belongings safe and secure overhead for decades, SafeRacks is the leading brand of steel overhead racks in USA.

manufacture and warranty

All of our units are made with industrial grade steel and are designed to be secured to 2 different ceiling studs per corner, holding up to 600 pounds on style and convenient no-middle-post layout. SafeRacks are offered in 9 sizes (ranging from 8x4 ft to 4x2 ft) which combined with our experience and some creativity, gives you endless possibilities.

Tough, industrial white powder coating helps keeping the steel nice and clean over the years. For minor stuff and more accessible storage, our steel wall shelves, holding 250 lbs, are a strong and safe way to go. On top of that, heavy duty hooks designed to work with our racks and shelves allow you to put some of those awkward bicycles off the ground -and other stuff too- so you can de-clutter not only by piling things over, but hanging things under them.

All of our overhead racks and wall shelves, as well as installation, come with a lifetime warranty: get it done right.