Retractable Screens

To provide a more stylish, functional and pleasing screen system it’s possible. ClearView has taken great strides to engineer and produce the most superior retractable screen system available on the US. The result:

a though-built, lifetime warranty retractable screen, that custom fits your doors and windows and most importantly: never slams back.

no slams, ever

A patented speed reducer -virtually unbreakable because of it's simplicity- slows the screen’s return, preventing it from slamming and potentially trapping kid's fingers, injuring pets or hitting unwary users on their face when walking thru the mesh. By eliminating that unpleasant, loud slam back common to all other brands, ClearView has taken retractable screen to the next level.
They can be surface mounted or in the recess area of a door or window, allowing it to fit any application on a built-in fashion. In swing or out swing single doors, double french doorways, or sliding patio doors can easily be converted into an invisible filter to leave the bugs out. 10 Standard colors and the option to match the exact color you want, plus -again- only brand offering impressive wood grain finishes.

Get the best of the outside in -including it's quiet. Get the only retractable screen that does not slams back.

Form and Function

When not in use the screen will stow away out of sight, safe and secure, protecting the screen from the elements. Inside the thickest aluminum housing offered in market, the mesh stays cleaner and sound for a longer time that a standard fixed mesh accumulating dust 24/7. It will work horizontally too, on your windows, offering a whole new pie to your eyes -if you are lucky enough to have a view.
Our patented hidden magnet system is encased within the pull-bar... out of sight, out of mind. Only brand that offers a minimalist, die cast handle for a more modern and neutral look. Other option is using stainless steel, or matching your own hardware. All other brands are still in diapers, offering only plastic.
We can use Super Screen™, which is 3 times stronger than traditional fiberglass mesh, puncture resistant, tear resistant, mildew resistance, fire retardant and stretch the life of your mesh under attack of your mischievous pets. Or if you have one of those facing west doors that cook your floors, we can equip it with our solar mesh and take 60% of the burn out.

Don't let fixed screens trap you or ruin your view. Upgrade to a retractable screen, and enjoy the breeze.

Manufacture & Warranty

ClearView screens are the only retractable screen on the USA that are 100% USA. All other brands come from China, or Canada, and are assembled here. Top quality american components make a big difference -specially on the long term. We equip our screens with the thickest housing and pull bar in the market, so they are solid, almost impossible to bend. Powder coat finish formulated to exceed the toughest standards in the industry for UV and salt spray resistance, also perform better on the long run: they don't get scratch easily, and everything can be whipped off without much effort to bring them to life again. Super slick rails insure years of worry free screen glide while the star of the show, our patented speed reducer, keep things safe and quiet. Our non-metallic components are made from Dupont 801 Nylon -and not plastic. Nylon is a far superior material: it does not cracks, warps or fades over time and weather. Plastic does.

All of these aren't just words, but true game changers. And that's why we stand by product and installation with a lifetime warranty.

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